The town of Kalutara found along the south coast of Sri Lanka is decorated in religious symbolism while offering guests a truly absorbing experience of a holiday by the beach. Those wanting to do a bit of shopping in the town are offered an array of things to choose from. Residing at a Kalutara hotel Sri Lanka is known for will put you in the mood to explore this thriving little coastal town. AVANI Kalutara Resort & Spa which is a Kalutara hotel will offer you convenient access to the town and its surroundings where you may spend an entire day walking along streets and exchanging pleasantries with the locals.

Looking beyond your everyday grocery store or supermarket, Kalutara is home to the awe-inspiring Kalutara Basket Centre. Here one could encounter many a weaver busily weaving coasters, hats, purses and so much more out of the locally grown ‘Watekeiyya’ palm leaves. You can purchase a few to take back home that will serve as wonderful memories of our island. Watch in anticipation as the weavers skilfully transform the palms into products which are simply too good to be true. Some even are known to make use of coconut fibre for their handicrafts. Once you have bought what you want, take stroll through the town where you might be able to feast on the sweet flavours of Mangosteen which is one of the fruits grown in this tropical land.

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