When in London be mindful to check out the city’s many shopping facilities which are considered to be among the more popular spots to go shopping. However before venturing out it is best to select from among the London serviced apartments that are made available. Ascott Mayfair London with its range of short stay London apartmentswill be a good option to consider. The busiest shopping street in all of Europe awaits your arrival.
Known as one of the premier roadways in London, Oxford Street is home to a wealth of shopping destinations that is sure to offer you the most sought after of designer labels and a whole lot more. Ranging from flagship stores, department outlets to the smaller yet intriguing shops, a tour through Oxford Street will make you want to stay on for that much longer. Marks & Spencer fans would be thrilled to bits to find their favourite garments all neatly arranged which make for convenient viewing and purchasing. Established in 1909, Selfridges which is the country’s 2nd largest department store is truly worth the time and money spent as it is sure to cater to all your whims and fancies. John Lewis is also found in the vicinity of Oxford Street and makes for quite the enjoyable experience. Moving away from the retail for a bit, one might want to explore HMV which is a music retailer from where the very latest in music can be purchased. When one takes a stroll through the picturesque setting of Oxford Street, one will be led on a journey through the height of fashion which continues to captivate its ardent followers.


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