When you are visiting the city of Aingdao, make sure you stop by the exciting Jimo Lu Market, where you can land some great deals on a range of difference merchandise, from electronics and antiques to jewellery and souvenirs. Ensure you stay at a quality Qingdao hotel to make the most of your time here, such as the Copthorne Hotel Qingdao. The elegant property affords gracious hospitality and a central location, which makes it an ideal hotel in Qingdao.

Take a walk through downtown Qingdao and savour the various sights, scents, and sounds of this bustling city. If your inner shopaholic wants to come out and play, there are a variety of shopping venues in the city, and the Jimo Lu Market is a great place you start your shopping expedition. You will be able to find everything from clothing, bags, watches, suitcases and more. Most of the “designer” goods vary in quality so inspect the item closely before starting your haggling. You’ll also encounter a range of charming jewellery, such as “pearl” pendants at a steal for RMB 3, as well as some cool toys for kids and Tsingtao souvenirs that can all be had at a steal, provided that you bargain hard enough. The nice thing about this market is that the vendors are not as aggressive as other markets here, but your Chinese will have to be decent enough to communicate. Although, you can always resort to sign language and pull out your cellphone calculator to discuss numbers. The market lights up at night, and the neon lights of the city combined with the ocean nearby make for an ideal evening stroll.