Scenes from movies that showcase ardent shopaholics getting their fix from sales that see designer brand prices slashed to an unbelievable extent, it simply encourages and motivates all shopaholics everywhere to do the same.

In London, UK, there are certain designer sample sales that are set for certain periods of the year, well in advance, at pre determined places, in order that all those interested and all shopaholics from all across the world can plan ahead to be a part of these awesome and exciting events.

Each sample designer sale is held in different locations and usually features different designer lables.

The Chelsea Sample Designer Sale features some of the trendiest designers including Chloe, Armani, Ralph Lauren, Paul Smith, Hugo Boss, Belstaff, D & G, Moschino, Pringle and Westwood.

Located at the Chelsea Old Town Hall, this year’s sale promises to be as great as the past year. If you are a VIP member, a privilege for which you would spend somewhat more than on normal entrance, you also earn with it the chance to be among the few people to be allowed entrance one hour before the crowd sets in. This gives you first dibs on goods.

Of course with Designer Sample shopping, be at Chelsea or anywhere else, it is not going to be a well laid out, orderly, shopping experience. With Designer labels going at unbelievably low prices, the rush and instinct to grab and run is heightened among the large crowds that attend these events.

But if you are a seasoned shopaholic, who knows their business, then this would pose a challenge rather than a problem.

If you plan on visiting the UK in the near future and would like to experience the Chelsea Sample Designer Sale for the first time or if you are a seasoned Designer Sale person then looking for a Central London Hotel will give you somewhat of an advantage. Since you will be then located centrally, you can be spared the hassle of transport to get to the sale. A centrally located London Luxury Hotel will give you that extra sense of comfort and ease no matter what your plans for the trip are. The Metropolitan London is such an ideal location.