When making a visit to Melbourne, and thinking of doing a little bit of site seeing, tourists should not forget to spare sometime to pick up a few bargains, since most Australian’s consider the city of Melbourne a Mecca of shoppers.

From huge department stores that serves up-market shoppers, to the many lanes and arcade shopping that readily welcome visitors. Travelers to this part of Australia will soon discover that every twisted nook or by-lane reveals another space to explore and bargain. The question asked by many when visiting this part of the world is ‘what can’t they buy’ as a pose to ‘what can they buy’.
And what’s even better about Melbourne is that it offers a variety of markets, when shopping for specific types of goods as well. Fashion divas who want to purchase the latest in designer trends, or budget travelers looking to pick up a few odd bits, the city caters to all their tastes. Melbourne’s specialty shops even cater to avid hobbyists. While the byways are the contemporary version of Asian bazaars, these mini bazaars, sell anything from little models, to stamps and coins to antiques.
Among the more notable shopping sites in Melbourne is the Sunday Market on Southbank which stands out. The market displays over 100 odd stalls which showcase some of the finest artistic work in the area. At first glance the place may seem like an ordinary flea market, but in retrospect the market is actually a showcase for budding and seasoned sculptors, painters, thespians and the like.
In addition tourists could pick up bits of leather products, with exotic pelts ranging from crocodile, sea snake and barramundi. Venturing past the art work at the market, tourists will come across the scores of garment boutiques, where a purchase here would be to capture the essence of the colour and warmth of the culture that exists in this city.
The Queen Victoria Markets in Melbourne is also another popular crowd puller, with stalls exceeding the 1,000 mark. The market is considered to be a historical landmark as well as an open air market. This market which was opened in 1878, is today a hive of activity, with stalls selling all sorts of items from meats, fruit and vegetable, to souvenirs, shoes, clothes and even travel goods to name a few.
Once tourists have satisfied their appetite for shopping, the only thing that remains to be done is to be able to sit back, relax and recollect with friends and family. The 5 star hotels Melbourne has to offer cater to a range of tourists. For instance The Langham Melbourne is conveniently located on the Southbank Promenade, making it easier to go shopping with facilities close by for the avid shopper. This Melbourne hotel also boasts of their famous Chuan Spa, which is ideal to unwind at after an exciting day out in the city.