Contrary to what its name indicates, Holland Village is located in the heart of Singapore and not in the European capital Netherlands. It is popular among the teenagers and youth who are of both local and foreign origin as a place to socialize and shop. Throughout history the commune at Holland Village, has been engaged in the business of arts and crafts. Thus, to date if you are looking for a place to gather some trinkets and souvenirs, this is one prominent place to keep in mind.

The young and trendy patrons of the location have dubbed it ‘Holland V’ with much affection and are seen continuously streaming in, in their numbers. The Holland V Shopping Mall and the Holland Road Shopping Centre are the biggest attractions after the eateries. May it be fusion clothing, music CDs or books there is an enthralling range to choose from. Lorong Mambong and Holland Avenue offer bazaar shopping opportunities and are well lit even at night.

The choice of restaurants and refectories is just as wide and diverse; there are fine dining restaurants, vegetarian cuisine, fast food outlets, pubs and bars. During weekends the place is abuzz with youngsters who stroll in for a few relaxing hours with friends, families that want an exotic change to their usual diet and those who enjoy a good wine or beer.

Being a mere ten minutes from the renowned Orchard Road, this is one place you should visit to see all of Singapore in a trice. The vivacious streets have been the hub and point of origin for some well known names in the restaurant business and are a fashion focal point. With over a century of history to boast of, it emanates classical elegance and modern day joie de vivre.

The scintillating Singapore hotel promotions coupled with a tour of the island nation, not missing out on Holland V should bode well for an exciting holiday. A luxury hotel Singapore is usually a dream for most globe trotters and it is customary for the Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel Singapore to be such a preferred location by tourists.