Haji Lane was once an isolated street scattered with pre-war shops, but now it has grown to be a popular fashion destination selling items by local designers and young business owners. The lane is filled with curious looking boutique stores that offer some amazing ‘made-in-Singapore’ designer wear. The highlights of Haji Lane are the vintage collections of clothes, accessories and trinkets. Most of the items are handmade and handcrafted and they bring out the unique Asian style which is part of Singapore. The stores cater to the contemporary fashion trends in Singapore so what you buy here is very unique.

The new designers have developed their own style elements and incorporate much of the local culture in their products. The fascinating aspects of Haji Lane are the creations and the creative energy that runs in all of the products that you find here. Visitors who have never been to Haji Lane may find it useful to know a few names of the popular stores in the area. The Blog Shop is where you will find the daring creations made by local fashion designers. If you are looking for more of a sophisticated style then you should pop into Know it Nothing; there are clothes and a colourful range of footwear available at this shop. Pluck is the place for furnishings, there are interesting pieces you may want to take back home. A cosy little ice cream parlour can be found within the store and they sell some delicious homemade ice cream and lovely desserts.

Other locations to explore are: Salad Shop, Straits Record and Sup Clothing. Straits Record provides a taste of the local music in Singapore; some of the well-known artists in the country have put out their albums here. At Sup Clothing you can get a taste of hippie clothing and graffiti art work. Tourists who want to visit Haji Lane will find that many hotels in Singapore are close to the area and the city’s main attractions. There are several options when it comes to Singapore hotels. Amongst the properties that can be recommended are Millennium & Copthorne Hotels Singapore which are conveniently located to offer easy access to the many sites of interest in the city.

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