Frequented by holidaymakers from around the world the Lion City of Singapore is a shopper’s hub like no other in Asia. Offering visitors a variety of retail options some of the island nation’s most intriguing shopping districts are concentrated in cultural epicenters which showcases the diversity of Singapore as a whole. One such venue is the island’s very own Chinatown where the Chinese community of Singapore resides and showcases their culture and wares in a one of a kind night market.
Spread out across Sago Street, Pagoda Street and Trengganu Street the Chinatown Night Market is a must-experience highlight for all shopaholics touring the Lion City as the venue offers visitors an up-close and personal look at Chinese culture in the country as well as a thrilling shopping encounter all in one. Here the old is intermingled with the new as more than 200 stalls that line the famed night market comes alive on Weekday nights till 11pm, except on Fridays and weekends when the market is open till 1am in the morning. The locale is also open for business on public holidays making it one of the few thoroughfares that are open all year long. Vibrant and always bustling with crowds the Chinatown Night Market is the best place to pick up unique and authentic Chinese cultural items and souvenirs. Hot pick items include elaborate street opera masks, Chinese calligraphy art, Chinese lanterns, dragon candles and conventional Chinese clothing and fashion items. Collectables from eras past and newly crafted items are also sold here alongside modern accessories and fashion items such as bags and jewellery.
Other top-sellers include t-shirts, scarves and Chinese fans while the Trengganu Street portion of the night market is a one-stop Mecca for cheap electronics. Regarded as one of the best venues to purchase reasonably priced, quality electronics in Singapore this section of the market is abound with visitors all year long. Those who work up an appetite after a few hours of shopping can experience the best of Chinese cuisines at the many food stalls in the venue or stroll across to the nearby Chinatown Food Street to sample local delicacies.

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