Dubai Outlet mall is a chic shopping mall which has successfully grabbed the attention of many shopping lovers all over the world. For years Dubai has been one of the main hubs in the world that shopping happens in a better way. DOM or rather Dubai Outlet Mall located in the heart of Dubai was opened for the public in the year 2007 and since that day it has been a crowded place with all kinds of people. It is surely a place that you and your family would enjoy visiting. It is a place that is equipped with everything you need to entertain yourself and not merely shopping.
The entertainment center is where your kids would head straight as soon as they step into this magnificent shopping arena. Dubai Outlet Mall is the one and only value concept Mall that could be found in the whole of Middle East. Also it houses the most contemporary shops with over 1200 leading brand names in over 240 shops. At Dubai Outlet Mall you can surely save your money with the reasonable prices and the bargaining. One fact that would make you want to step into this spot is the many food outlets which makes all the visitors crave for them. French Bakery, Subway, Starbucks, McDonalds, Burger King, KFC, Hatam and many more food outlets keep waiting to fill your hungry tummy. 
The Chuck E Cheese entertainment ring is going to keep the whole family entertained while you shop for goods at least around 50% off with the most chic brands waiting to be just yours. It is definitely worth the drive to this breathtaking mall where you could take home whatever you desire at the great offers they have. Millennium Plaza Hotel Dubai is just near this shopping mall so it would be quite easy for you to travel anytime you want to buy your stuff. It is one of the most renowned 5 star hotels Dubai that many tourists love to spend their Dubai holiday in. if you wish for a luxury holiday with rich Middle Eastern treats; you should try out one of the Dubai luxury hotels.