Paro appeals to the foreign traveller, with its vibrant tapestry of cultural heritage posing a natural charm with its grace and simplicity. This beautiful town in Bhutan is indeed a must visit with its historic buildings, its traditional architecture and clusters of shops and restaurants that are decorated with a simple elegance are all worth glancing through and contribute to the unique feel and appearance of the area. When in Paro, the next thing that comes to mind, is their traditional craft, for which Bhutan again has a proud heritage and fame, appealing to foreigners from far corners of the world.

Chencho handicrafts are a well known attraction that is pursued and purchased by travellers from all over the world. The fame of this craft is indeed a tribute to the skilled contribution by the craftsmen who tirelessly weave these attractive creations much to the admiration of travellers from all over the world. The Chencho handicrafts are found in the heart of Paro city, in the corner of the town square and possess and exquisite range which appear to be worthy of the somewhat extravagant price range they possess. At this site one might also get a chance to observe the ladies at work and observe how effortlessly the rich textiles appear from under their nimble and skilled fingers. The owner is clearly passionate about the array of textiles that are available and can offer some sound knowledge about the various types of textiles that often confuses an ignorant visitor. Weaving and embroidery takes the centre place of these Chencho handicrafts and sometimes even half a dozen weavers can be found at this site. Even though the prices are somewhat higher than some of the other outlets in different locations, these creations are extremely alluring with rich textiles worked on with exquisite designs as to induce the travellers to purchase them immediately. Some available items include Radi silk scarves, cotton scarves and cotton belts as well as silk on cotton belts with a wide range of prices.

It is not difficult for a traveller to find a Bhutan hotel that is in keeping with one’s expectation of international standards of services. At Uma Bhutan enjoy the richness of Bhutan culture while being immersed in the luxurious comforts of private villas that are surrounded by natural greenery of the countryside together with exceptional cuisine. In addition COMO offers many trustworthy and convenient Bhutan tour packages with English speaking guides with visits to many famous locations in the country.

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