Portraying the essence of the Malaysian heritage this market has been in existence since 1888, when it was a mere wet market. But as its concept caught on it was made permanent by a structure which was built to house all the existing vendors.

The Central Market of Kuala Lumpur is a National Heritage Site and the 120 year old structure has been given face-lifts to withstand and accommodate the changes in time as well as the liberal qualities of the city’s culture. It still, just as it did for so many years, serves as an important and familiar city landmark.

Today, just as it was so many years ago it still houses a range of vendors allowing visitors an experience of a lifetime and also of course great bargains. It is located along Jalan Hang Kasturi and it is one of the most sought after attractions, serving tourists well with the range of authentic handicraft items, silks, batik and souvenirs.
This attraction is not just an everyday ordinary marketplace. It is also the venue for popular traditional festivals of Kuala Lumpur. Festive events such as the Chinese New Year, Hari Raya and Deepavali transform the area into a vibrant and colourful shopping area which offers a festive atmosphere as well as great bargains.

For many exploring the Central Market is like browsing through the SoHo Flea Market. The variety of goods, the unique and rare treasures and artistic souvenirs all provide the most exciting and interesting exploration. The multi-ethnic goods including printed silk saris, carvings, embroidery, sculptures and even the assortment of delicacies, offer guests a chance to experience the various cultures of Malaysia.

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