Thailand is as much a place to go shopping as it is for world-renowned beaches, parties and its vibrant culture. One place where you can have a good holiday and also shop till you drop is Phuket. Among the many options is Central Festival Phuket, a central shopping mall. It is fully air-conditioned and has a wide variety of goods ranging from cosmetics to designer wear to suit everyone’s needs. It is located just outside the Phuket town.

Central Festival greets the visitor with its cosmetics and perfume counters which ooze with enchanting fragrances from all corners and also cosmetics that are sure to enhance everyone’s looks. The many counters sell a wide range of personal care products by varying brands, which are all authentic and comparatively cheaper than those in the west.
The mall also has a vast section dedicated to handbags and watches from well-known labels, and the buyers are bound strike a good deal here for branded watches.

For those who are into reading or watching movies, there are stores here that feature a good selection of the latest books and also movies in DVD format, which are sold at unbelievable prices.

If it is not the designer brands known world over, but local designs and a touch of true Thailand that the visitor is looking for, one can also choose from Thai silks and diverse souvenirs to take back home from the trip. The store also has stores that sell gold and silver jewellery as well as pearls.

It is not just a place for the adults; even kids have a section dedicated just for them featuring a good selection of toys, kids-wear and also accessories to match their little personalities.

There are loads of banks that have set up their ATMs in the premises making your shopping spree even easier. If the shopaholics need to grab a bite while shopping, they can choose from the many outlets offering pizza to freshly brewed coffee.

After all this shopping, you can rest your tired feet at an exemplary Phuket resort and perhaps enjoy a nice massage in the spa of a Patong beach resort such as Millennium Resort Patong Phuket which is one place that will help you unwind after a long day of hopping from one shop to another.