Dubai is a destination that pulls people from all over the world for its unparalleled shopping experience. Its malls are legendary with square feet after square feet of choices covering everything from fashion, tech gadgets, home décor, toys and anything and everything conceivable.

Dubai Souq

Although Dubai’s sky-piercing malls dominate its retail landscape one of the best reasons to head down to Dubai for retail therapy remains its eclectic collection of souqs. The Souq Madinat Jumeirah is a key highlight as this modern take on a traditional bazaar retails everything from fashionable clothing and accessories to jewellery and handicrafts.

Dubai shopping festival

Drawing thousands of visitors from around the world each year the Dubai Shopping Festival or DSS as its commonly known is held during the months of January and February each year. A cultural and commercial mêlée like no other visitors would be wise to book accommodation in 5 star resorts in Dubai the likes of Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort well in advance as the peak holiday season also falls within this period.

Mall of the Emirates

Tipped to be one of the Middle East’s most coveted shopping hubs the Mall of Emirates is no ordinary towering edifice dedicated to consumerism. As the biggest mall in Dubai, the venue is a veritable icon in the city’s retail landscape.

Dubai’s Specialty Goods

As an all-encompassing shopper’s hub to purchase every variety of Middle Eastern curios available Dubai is the best venue to purchase Iranian carpets, Middle Eastern fabrics and gold. Other hot-pick speciality items include Myrrh, perfumes, spices, Henna and frankincense.

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