While Shanghai offers plenty of modern retail therapy, the city also has a variety of charming markets such as the Antique Market at Dongtai Road. The market is within easy reach of the lively area of Xintiandi making it an ideal place to visit for those staying at a Shanghai luxury hotel in the area such as The Langham, Xintiandi, Shanghai. Offering truly luxurious hotel rooms in Shanghai, the hotel makes an ideal base from which to begin your tour. Those looking to visit the Dongtai Road Antique Market should head to the Luwan district. As you walk along Dongtai Road you will come across all sorts of curios and antiques ranging from the kitsch to priceless antiquities! Be it old posters, figurines depicting Mao, images of Buddha, jewellery or even fascinating ashtrays, the market has got it all. Of course part of the charm of this market is the haggling one must do with vendors to get the best price. Those with strong powers of persuasion can expect to get some quite good discounts!