Dynamic and colourful, Hong Kong has become a Mecca for globe-trotting shoppers in recent years. Its high-end boutiques, huge shopping malls and quaint street markets sell items from designer wear to Chinese medicine, and provide plenty of activities to keep customers entertained. An eclectic mix of the East and West, Hong Kong’s shops and marketplaces reveal much about the lifestyles of its people.


The beautiful Victoria Harbour creates a stunning backdrop for many shops along the coastline, but none are more cosmopolitan than stores of the Admirality, Tsim Sha Tsui and SoHo areas. Towering skyscrapers of the heart of the financial district host the largest collection of glamorous luxury goods and lifestyle stores. The Landmark mall complex sports inter-connecting walkways that enable visitors to traverse between malls without entering the busy streets. Boutiques of designer wear, electronics stores and art galleries make these areas favourites with a more sophisticated clientele. Those who want to tackle a wide variety of stores opt for Causeway Bay, where the chic and stylish Time Square contrasts the likable disorder of Jardine’s Crescent street market.

To take a break from the chaos of the city that can overwhelm even the most seasoned shopper, enjoy the seaside views of Stanley Promenade. The village like atmosphere promote a more relaxed mood in which one can savour its internationally renowned food scene and charming little shops. A more traditional Hong Kong can be seen in Yau Ma Tei- with banners and lanterns hung between buildings-Central and Western – hot spots for exotic Chinese medical ingredients. Traditions and myths are revered in these neighbourhoods and are prefect to pick out your Hong Kong souvenirs for bargain prices. One of the most popular keepsakes is a ‘chop’ or stone seal, traditionally used to sign documents. Vendors usually translate the shoppers name into Chinese for a custom made ‘chop’. Cat Street and its antique shops filled with curiosities of ages past are close by to the colonial Gough Street filled with chic restaurants.


A key maritime trading post since British occupation, one can almost say that trade is in the blood of the locals. The density and variety of shops is enough to prove it. After navigating the multitude of alleys, markets and boutiques treat yourself to the luxury and comfort of the Peninsula Hong Kong at the heart of the city. Known for its colonial elegance, the name “Grand Dame of the Far East” is truly befitting the Hong Kong luxury hotel. Evoking the sleek interiors of private jets and lavish yachts, it rivals many a five star hotel Hong Kong has to offer.







Thanuja Silva is a travel writer who writes under the pen name Auburn Silver. She has a passion for fashion and a deep interest in admiring new and exotic attractions around the world.