The weekend market in Kutching, also known as the ‘Passar Minggu’ in Malay is a colourful and bustling affair that happens in a compact area in the neighbourhood of Satok where vendors come and set up their tents early on from Saturday night itself to sell out a wide range of consumer items from fresh food and veggies to souvenirs to garments. The market with a history of several decades is worthy of stepping into as one can discover lot of bargains after a bit of haggling and is ideal for regular residents from the neighbouring areas as well as for tourists who want to get some souvenirs.

The market is found at the junction of Jalan Satok and Jalan Palm which is not all that far from the downtown area of Kutching. The range of items is numerous and varied and offers an alluring prospect for tourists and locals alike for different reasons. For fresh veggies and fruits, this market offers some of the best in the region, early on in Sunday together with some exotic plants and ferns that are difficult to find sometimes in other areas in Malay. The souvenir collection is amazing for the tourists with a lot of handicrafts, paintings and handmade souvenirs at nominal prizes to take back home for friends and family.

Starting from the pedestrian overpass one can begin to admire the gift items before passing on to the fresh food section. The eateries start somewhere towards the south end and here one would do well to try some local favourites of hawker food including the Malaysian pancake, ‘Kueh’ a small Malaysian cake as well as other delicious pastries. It is also not impossible to find the famous Nasi leamk or Mee goring as well as renowned spices and ingredients to cook some of the well known dishes in Malaysia at this Kutching weekend market that has just about anything to satisfy the everyday customer and the first time tourist traveller alike.

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