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Dubai Souks: The Shoppers’ Paradise
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The scenic Dubai creek is flanked on either side by colorful, vibrant souks, the traditional Arabian marketplace. Since times immemorial this ancient region of international commerce has been renowned for its variety of high quality goods brought from all parts of the globe. To this day it remains a shopper’s paradise where anything and everything can be obtained at reasonable rates.

A visit to the fresh produce market is an excellent way to experience the pulse of the land’s way of life as customers and merchants engage in their daily business. It also provides a wide range of delicious tropical fruits at unbelievable prices. The activity of the fish souk is interesting to observe and the visitor can often see many species of rare fish in this large assortment of sea food.

Among the many souks, some certainly stand out for their enchanting uniqueness. The spice souk with its narrow lanes and exciting aromas pervading the air transports the traveler back to an era when spices played a prominent role in international trade and colonization. A whiff of the exotic also permeates every corner of the perfume souk where customers can have their very own tantalizing Arabian perfumes created. The multihued splendor of the Dubai textile souk showcases a wonderful collection of fabrics from around the world. An infinite choice of every imaginable material can be obtained here at negotiable prices.

The gold souk is undoubtedly the most popular as well as the most dazzling trading place. It is literally a treasure trove of valuable and absolutely stunning gold items and precious stones. The captivating sight of the wide array is in itself a priceless experience; a magical realization of the Arabian Night’s enchantment.

A visit to the Dubai souks is a culturally enriching exposure, providing a view of the pre-oil era as well as the splendid present. The Deira bank of the creek provides exceptional shopping possibilities in souks. The creek can be crossed in 10 minutes on a small dhow allowing the shopper to explore both banks with ease. The wonders of the souks cannot be exhausted by a day’s perusal. Therefore, a stay at a centrally located luxury hotel in Dubai, assures the visitor a convenient and memorable visit to the emirate. The Copthorne Hotel Dubai is a modern deluxe hotel, towering above the Dubai creek and its souks, perfectly situated within 10 minutes from the Dubai International Airport and 5 minutes from the Deira City Center. Warm Arabian hospitality and superior facilities will make a visit to Dubai a life long memory.

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