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Bophut Shopping – An Exotic Experience on an Exotic Island
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Though the island of Koh Samui is a major tourist attraction it is the areas of Bophut, Chaweng, Nathon and Lamai that tend to attract visitors and out of which the area of Bophut is especially popular for its laid back fishermen’s village like atmosphere and easy access to the delightful ocean waters.

In the recent past the island has face-lifted itself, to keep up with the times and to ensure that tourists are offered a holiday with all the thrills and frills. All favourite holiday options are available especially a glorious experience of tropical island shopping.

The Koh Samui Island features various shopping options covering goods ranging from souvenirs to footwear, and for those keen shoppers, even beautiful local furniture. The most famous shopping areas located in Bophut and the Bophut Beach are the most significant shopping areas attracting tourists as well as locals.

The beach shopping stretch is ideal for those interested in a more glamorous retail experience whereas the little town’s Fisherman’s Village is ideal for those willing to sweat it out a bit for more options and better bargains. Overall some of the bigger and popular names in the Bophut retail trade are Samui Footwear, Siri, Siddharta, and Bophut Plaza.

Samui is famous for its well crafted unique designs in footwear and it is also the place for getting your broken leather shoes fixed. For unique treasures to take back home, and even a personalized gift, try Siri. This shop offers various products from all over Asia including silver jewellery, handbags and exotic looking amulets. Siddharta has a good stock of elegant cotton clothing ideal as beach wear and evening wear. For those looking to buy souvenirs in bulk, especially woodcraft and cotton clothing, the best place is Bophut Plaza which is open only at night.

Visitors to Samui will find that the entire setup is perfect for a holiday and that the range of accommodation options available suits every mood and every budget. A Samui resort would be popular amongst those keen on the complete combination of Thailand and ‘Tropical Island’, and for those seeking a specific kind of holiday a Samui hotel with the ideal atmosphere can be found.  For guests seeking a luxury holiday experience the ideal option is the Anantara Bophut Koh Samui.

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