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Akihabara, a technophile’s paradise
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Akihabara is a Tokyo district that has gained renown for the multitude of electronic innovations it offers, so much so that it has gained the moniker of ‘Tokyo’s Electric Town’. It contains thousands of stores vending almost every technological gadget imaginable, from gaming consoles and computers to DVDs and vacuum cleaners.

The principal street of the neighbourhood, Chuo Dori is lined by a myriad of electronics stores, ranging from extensive retailers to tiny one man operations specializing in a single electronic feature. On the bustling side streets and Chuo Dori Street itself you will find a mesmerizing array of technological marvels, including cameras, computers, mobile phones, televisions, home appliances, electronic components, second hand goods and much more.

The single particularly large scale store in the neighbourhood is the Yodobashi Camera store; however several of the major chain retailers including Ishimaru, Sofmap and Laox operate several outlets specializing in various areas of expertise. Many of the smaller independent stores are to be found in the side streets of the district. A recent addition has been the Akihabara Crossfield establishment which aims to consolidate the district’s position as a hub for worldwide electronic trade and technologies.

The latest technologies are always available at Akihabara, but also on offer is ‘retro’ equipment dating back to earlier days. For example, a bewildering array of video games and equipment is available, from the latest motion-sensing video games to the early 8-bit games.

In recent years the locale has gained renown for its offerings in the fields of ‘anime’ (Japanese cartoons) and ‘manga’ (comics, of which varieties are available for every age and inclination). Many diverse establishments catering to these tastes have sprung up amongst the electronics shops, making the neighbourhood a venue of choice for ‘Otaku’ – young Japanese fans of contemporary culture.

The visitor to Akihabara will not be at a loss for dining options, as several convenient and reasonably priced eateries are available in the district. An interesting option is the maid cafes, where attractive girls attired as French maids will serve drinks and pamper you.

For the astute traveller seeking Tokyo accommodation, there is no better choice than the Somerset Azabu East. This fine serviced apartment Tokyo offers provides all the necessary contemporary amenities required by the modern traveller.

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